The Makers Series: Let’s Party

One thing I love is to throw a party.  I love all the details of setting a theme, creating a color palette, thinking about stationery (of course), the decorations and all the other details in between.  There are so many great places to find pretty party goods locally or via the web, but I wanted to share a few of… Read More

Habits & Character

Today’s quote resonates with me because I’ve been in the process of developing some new habits.  One is with my health and fitness the other is my morning routine.  A couple of weeks ago I made a change to my morning routine with the help of the book The Miracle Morning.  With only a couple of weeks under my belt, I’ve started… Read More

25 Random Things About Me

I had a different post planned for today but decided to skip it and share 25 random things about me. 1. I wanted to be a DJ or a Background Singer (OK so I still want to be a DJ) 2. I love cheese 3. My favorite color is pink 4. My favorite movies are: Persuasion (Masterpiece version), Coming to… Read More

From the Heart

  If you’re struggling with a decision you have to make or if you are unsure of the answer to a question, listen to your heart it has the answer.  Oh and the free printable download for you below download and enjoy! Happy Monday everyone!

Freebie Friday!

Happy Friday everyone!  Have you checked out the Freebies page yet?  It’s full of printables for you to enjoy.  Recipe cards, a monthly calendar and fill in the blank invitations.  I will be updating the page each month and sharing occasional freebies with you on Fridays.  Today’s freebie is to help you keep track of who gave what gift at your next… Read More

Printed vs. Printable Which One is Best for Your Party

One of the questions I am most frequently asked is which invitation option is better printed or printable.  While both options are great, my response to this question is based more on you and your celebration.  Are you pressed for time and need invitations right away?  Are you looking to stay within a certain budget?  Are you big on DIY?  … Read More