• Great Achievements
  • Friday Feature: Sneak Peek to NEW Invitations
  • Studio Diaries: Don’t Delay

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Great Achievements

I needed this reminder today and wanted to share just in case you needed to it too. Happy Monday everyone


Friday Feature: Sneak Peek to NEW Invitations

  For this week’s Friday Feature, I’m sharing a little sneak peek of NEW invitations coming to the shop next week.   This is the Berry Sweet invitation and it was inspired by a vintage fruit label and I mixed in a modern twist to the design.  This is one of two new invitations that […]


Studio Diaries: Don’t Delay

  Have you ever read something or heard a quote that you know has found its way to you because its something you need to see or hear?  That is this quote for me.  Over the past few weeks I’ve been dealing with indecision over a product I’ve been working on.   It’s a product that I’m really […]


Embrace Change

  I’m in love with today’s quote.  While change can be scary and hard, it’s in that process of change that we learn the most about ourselves.  From change comes growth and even though it’s not always easy and could have us ready to give up if we keep pushing forward, on the other side […]


Saturday Space: Color Pop

Happy Saturday everyone!  It’s the first day of Spring and while I know it doesn’t look like Spring everywhere today I hope this colorful space will brighten your day.   Where do I begin?  How about with this color palette?  This room is full of my favorite colors and what I love most is the […]