Studio Diaries: The Custom Design Process

One of my favorite part of running a stationery business is working with AWESOME clients who have some of the most creative ideas.  While the custom design process is pretty easy, I haven’t shared this process with you so today’s Studio Diaries post is all about the SPS custom design process. Since I mainly design custom invitations, announcements and some… Read More


This is a quote that I say often to myself especially on those days when my massive to do list only has four items crossed off.    I remember this quote and remind myself that one small action is better than nothing.  If you feel like I do and don’t think you’re making any progress towards your goal, let’s remember to keep… Read More

Freebie Friday

It’s been a while since the last Freebie Friday so I’m sharing not just one but two freebies with you.  Plus they work better together than apart.  Who doesn’t need a little help staying organized when it comes to blogging?  I know I do so to make blogging a little easier for myself I created this blog planner and blog… Read More

My Thoughts on the Miracle Morning

Several weeks ago I mentioned on Instagram that I purchased The Miracle Morning and wondered if anyone else had read it and what their thoughts were about the book.  Well after that post, I didn’t do much reading.  Instead, this book sat on my nightstand or I’d place it in my work tote bag with the intention to read it and never got… Read More


Just in case you were thinking it’s too late to go after that dream, change course in your career or do that thing you’ve wanted to do but have been afraid, it’s never too late.  Don’t be afraid to go after whatever you want to really do, because it wasn’t placed on your heart to by mistake.  Happy Monday everyone! Of… Read More

In the Meantime

This has become a favorite quote when I get impatient because something isn’t happening fast enough or at all.  If you’re waiting for something to change or start, just know it’s coming. In the meantime, enjoy where you are right now. This time in between where you were and where you’re going is full of experiences and lessons that may… Read More