2018 Word of the Year

For several years, I’ve been choosing a word for the year.  By the end of 2017, I thought I knew what my word was until my heart let me know that not to hold firm on this word because it was going to change.  
The new year is the time when everyone is making new goals, new plans, new dreams and in the middle of all that everyone has shared, is sharing or thinking about their word for the year. I’m not different, but I know after seeing countless people sharing their word of the year, you could be  wondering how does everyone picks their word for the year?  While the processes can vary,  I’ll share my process with you and you can try it if you’d like or use it to inspire you to create your own way of picking your word for the year.
I don’t think about my 2018 word until November and I usually make a list of a bunch of words that describe how I want to feel that year.   Then I sit with that list for the next few weeks until one word stands out.  When I first started picking a word I’d make the list and then just pick a word and that never went well.  The word would often be one I’d abandon in 6 months.  After having a few words fizzle before the year ended, I started to pray about it and asked for the right word to stand out.  By using this method I would find a word that I felt more connected to for the entire year.
So this year, I was a little confused when the word I thought I’d pick (Thrive) suddenly wasn’t the one.  I went back to my list and thought about all the other words on my list and there was one that I didn’t want to pick but kept finding its way to me in unexpected ways that I knew that this was my word.  My word for 2018 is…
2018 Word of the Year
When I think of my 2018 word, I know it’s VERY different than my original word, thrive.  But the more I thought about the word Love, I realized it aligned with all of my goals for 2018 perfectly.  I was looking at this word from the perspective of doing more of what I love this year.  Spending more time with the people I love.  Showing myself a bit more love through self-care and reclaiming my time and for Scratch Paper Studio, creating more of what I love and not letting fear overshadow what my heart has wanted to do with this business.  I love design, pattern and creating products inspire you to find joy in your everday, but if I’m being honest with you (as well as myself), I haven’t always been in love with my business.  After a difficult start to 2017, I took the time to really look at where I was and where I wanted to be and by the end of 2017, I started thinking about the next steps for Scratch Paper Studio and the one thing I knew I would do in 2018 is do more of what I loved in this business.  That means create products I’ve been sitting on for over a year because of fear.  It means letting go of products that no longer speak to my heart and spending a bit more time blogging. 
My word for 2018 is a reminder that where there is love, fear can’t exist.  Where there is love so many other things can thrive and flourish and that has me so excited to see how 2018 will unfold.
Now, whether you say a prayer or meditate either option is a great way to get still so you can start to identify what your word will be. 
If you’re not sold on this “word of the year” business, that’s cool too you can also make a list of words that describe what you want to feel in 2018 or that define what you want to do this year.  Picking a word isn’t for everyone but I do believe that setting a theme for your year is a good way to align your goals and guide you throughout the year.
If you have a word for the year let me know by leaving a comment on this post.