A Book Lovers Favorite Holiday

If you’re a book lover, today will become one of your favorite “non” holidays.  It’s National Book Lovers Day.  As a fellow book lover, I’m ready to celebrate by sharing some of my favorite books right now.  If you love a good story.  Enjoy a great “meet cute”. Yell at the top of your lungs in shock of an unexpected plot twist.  Let’s celebrate together.  I’ll go first with a few of my faves of the moment.  Leave me a comments with your favorites.  I’m always adding to my book list.


Book Lovers Day-I'm Judging You

These are just a few of the books I love and quickly recommend to others.  There was is so much goodness in each of these books that you’ll be so glad you added these to your collection.

Alchemist-This book is magical.  It’s inspiring, it’s thought provoking and it was one of those books I couldn’t put down.  Read it you’ll be so glad you did.

Big Magic-Confession… I wasn’t the biggest fan of Eat Pray Love.  I know I’m probably one of like 5 people who feels that way. But this book I LOVED.  I loved the anecdotal stories and enjoyed Gilberts thoughts on what happens to ideas that come to us.  If you’re creative or an entrepreneur read this book there are so many great pieces of information in this book.

I’m Judging You– I’ve been a fan of Luvvi Ajaye for years and when I got this book, I took it on a trip and was laughing so hard on the plane I was crying.  This book is all about taking a relatable perspective on life.  When you read this book, you’ll know people who each chapter applies to yourself included.

The Company of Women-This book is one of those books full of just insight and perspective that is so invaluable.  I always love hearing about how women in their industries built their businesses and persevered despite the challenges and obstacles that may have come into their path.  






Book Lovers Day-Believe Bigger

Believe Bigger – This book is so good.  I usually read books pretty quickly but this one is taking me a while to finish and it’s because it’s that good.  This book is all about helping you discover your purpose and it’s full of so many gems and insights that I’ve underlined, highlighted and dog eared almost all of the pages.  If you’re looking for clarity and a path to discovering your purpose pick up this book.


Hazel Wood-My niece and I started reading this for our bookclub but had to stop since my niece had a full and busy Summer.  While our bookclub is on pause,  I plan on finishing this book. I’ll keep you posted on my thoughts

When God Winks at You– I saw this book at Barnes & Noble on the table in the entryway on sale so I grabbed is and have loved it.  One of my favorite quotes is “there’s no such thing as coincidence, it’s just God working anonymously.  That quote must have been the inspirational theme for this book because the stories in this book are inspiring and more than a couple caused me to cry (happy) tears.  If you need a little pick me up, check this book out.

Body Love– I was listening to Rachel Hollis podcast and Kelly LeVeque was being interviewed and while I was listening to this podcast, I bought the book on Amazon because what she was sharing was so good. That same day, I got all the ingredients for her #FabFour smoothie and have been drinking this smoothie ever since.  I loved that the message of this book of eating foods that fuel and nourish your body.  




Book Lovers Day-Crazy Rich Asians





Crazy Rich Asians (Ok so I listened to this on Audible).  Motivated by the movie coming out this month and well a full list of books I was reading above, I listened to this story. I felt like I was transported into this exciting rich and multi-dimensional world with an even better story.  Once I finished Crazy Rich Asians, I couldn’t stop and had to listen to the other two stories in the series–China Rich Girlfriend and Rich People Problems and they didn’t disappoint.  This series was so much fun and is perfect if you’re looking to escape into a world that had me adding Singapore to my travel bucket list.







I love a good story. There is something fun and exciting about being able to step into this imaginary world that allows me to escape the busy of my own life.  Since today is Book Lovers Day, I thought what other way to celebrate one of my favorite things than to share the books I love with you.  I hope you find a book on my list you’d like to check out.  Leave me a comment and let me know the books you’re reading right now, that you love or want to read.