With Gratitude #4

When it comes to gratitude sometimes we forget about those everyday objects/ things in our lives that keep us together, on schedule or just make our day.  Today’s with gratitude is asking you to think of an object in your home, office, etc. that you are grateful for.  One of the thing and objects I’m grateful for gets even more use during this cold and flu season and that is my essential oils and diffuser.  What objects are you grateful for?  Let me know in the comments 🙂

Happy Tuesday to you!

With Gratitude #3

Since Thanksgiving is on Thursday, I wanted to still blog but decided to keep it light so I’m sharing a mini series of gratitude journal prompts this week.  Let’s start with sharing a memory or moment that your grateful for.  Whether it was a family vacation, the day you fell in love or a special

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With Gratitude #2

Today’s gratitude journal entry is to share a lesson or experience you had that you’re grateful for and also share the lessons learned that have helped you to this day.  I’ll be sharing a few more of these fun journal entries next week since it’s a holiday week.   Happy Friday & have a great weekend!

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Gratitude Challenge: Start a Gratitude Jar

This weeks Gratitude Challenge is one that anyone can do but I think it’s a lot of fun when you do this with Kids and that is to create a Gratitude Jar.  There is plenty of information all over social media about this fun way to not only capture things you’re grateful for it’s also

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With Gratitude #1

 I’m sharing prompts that you can answer in a journal or however you’ve chosen to capture daily gratitude on Friday’s for the rest of November. The first one is all about sharing the person you’re grateful for.  If you have more than one person you’re grateful for definitely list them all.  Happy Friday and have

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Gratitude Challenge: Start a Gratitude Journal

Do you keep a gratitude journal?  I’ve kept a gratitude journal for over a year and it’s been one of the best things I’ve done. But I have to be honest, it wasn’t always like this.  I was one of those people who did the occasional gratitude challenge but it wasn’t routine.  At all.  

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The Benefits of Gratitude

Happy November to you!  After the 30 days of Kindness challenge in October I took the first few days of November off for a blogging break.  Now refreshed, I’m ready to start blogging again and this months theme is all about Gratitude.   Before I talk more about Gratitude and its benefits, can we take

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Kindness Challenge #30

We’ve reached the end of this 30-day Kindness challenge.  It’s only fitting for the final act of kindness be about you. While doing all these wonderful acts of kindness, don’t forget to make some time for you.  Take time to spread some of that kindness to yourself.  Practice self-care and reclaim your time.  Treat yourself

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Kindness Challenge #29

With the Holidays right around the corner, why not host your own toy/gift drive.  Contact your local homeless shelter or children’s charity and make a plan to donate children toys and gifts for the Holidays.  Send a text or emails to your friends, co-workers and family and ask them to join in and donate a

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