Monday Motivation: Growth Comes Through Challenges

Growth comes through challenges. Oh, but wouldn’t it be great if it was easy?  I know.  But our best work comes when we encounter difficulties. As a stationery designer, I keep a book of my big ideas.  The ideas hit me at different times during the day and I use this notebook to house them.  There are plenty of things in this notebook that turned out to be popular products and others that crashed and burned badly.  The lessons I learned didn’t come with the products that were successful, it’s with the products that failed or were hard to figure out how to produce.  

It’s when we’re challenged that we really learn about ourselves and it builds our resolve to keep pushing forward. The challenges cause us to learn so many things we may not know when we started.  Challenges also lead us to be more creative in how we accomplish our goals.   Whether it’s a new business, a big project at work, transitioning to a healthier lifestyle or a financial challenge in getting a product created, it’s in the challenge that we figure out alternate ways to get things done. It’s in the challenges that we grow and expand our knowledge learning something new about ourselves and how to reach our goals.

When challenges come as easy as it would be to quit, don’t.  Don’t allow fear, doubt or the list of all the unknowns stop you in your tracks and cause you to retreat to your comfort zone.  While uncomfortable, it’s when we’re challenged that we become better.  Feel that fear and keep going, everything you need will come right when you need it.

4 Ways to Encourage Friends and Family

Encouraging friends and family is a great way to show your support of whatever they are working on.  Sometimes it’s the smallest little thing that can mean so much and let them know that they aren’t alone.  I’m sharing 4 quick and easy ways to encourage your friends and family. #1 Send a Positive Quote

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This Weekend…

a sweet text, gif or encouraging quote can go a long way.  Think of the people in your tribe whether it’s family and friends and send them some encouragement.  It will mean the world to them. Have a great weekend!

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The Beauty of Encouragement

The main inspiration behind the Art Prints, Coffee Mugs and Journals in the shop is not only to inspire but to also encourage.  Let’s face it, we all need a little encouragement at some point and time.  I can definitely admit there are days when things don’t go right and I can become a negative

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Monday Motivation: Magic Happens

I love this quote. The magic is  truly within us. It’s a reminder to me to not give up on my goals or dreams but to be open the paths I’ll take that will lead me to achieve them.  I wanted to share this with you to encourage you to continue to keep going.  You

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For the Weekend…

With everything that has been going on the past week, let’s spread a little love this weekend.  While you’re out running errands this weekend, spread some joy and pay it forward.  Whether its treating the person behind you to Starbucks or buying school supplies for your local elementary school.  It’s the little things that always

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5 Ways to Keep Going When You Want to Quit.

When you run a small business or are dealing with a busy or uncertain time in life, there are days when it’s hard and you just want to build a blanket fort and live there with ice cream (for me talenti gelato) and watch all the Netflix.   This year, for me personally, has been a

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