Monday Motivation- Hold on to Your Vision

Sometimes our plans don’t work out like we hoped.  Sometimes we have to start completely over or wait until later than we planned.   While the plan may not have worked, don’t loose sight of your vision.  There is more than one way to reach your desired goal.  Don’t get too caught up in “the how”, that answer will come to you when it’s time. For now, look at the lessons learned, tweak what you were doing and at the right moment everything will come together.

For The Weekend…

Introducing a new series to the blog that is a mix of the Happy List,  “Why Don’t You” and a little self-care too.  This weekend give yourself a little time to do something for yourself.  Whether it’s a manicure, a trip to the bookstore alone or quiet time to journal, read a book or even

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Happy Book Lovers Day!

Today is book lovers day and I’m ready to celebrate all the books!  My mom once told me that when I was little and before I could really read, that I would follow her or anyone who would listen around with books and magazines reading the letters to them.  It’s clear that I’ve been a

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Monday Motivation-Don’t Settle

Just a reminder that what you want is coming and like all good things it’s going to take some time.  It’s so easy when we’re tired of the busyness, the hustle or if we encounter obstacles, quitting or being cool with reaching half of our goals seems OK to do.  Well, when you feel the

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Happy National Coloring Book Day!

Scratch Paper Studio loves celebrating all the fun national holidays and today happens to be Coloring Book Day.  I know adult coloring books have become pretty popular and seem pretty trendy now with so many books and even apps dedicated to coloring.  While this may seem like a fad, I hope that the adult coloring book

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Motivation Monday- It’s OK

It’s OK to not have it all figured out or to change your mind once you learn something new. Sometimes we have to start and from there make shifts where we need so that we can get to where we would like to be whether it’s in business or life.  Just because you have no

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