Self Care Tip #1

I’m a big believer in self care and while it may not be easy to practice during a busy work week, Saturday and Sunday are perfect days for Self Care.  I’m kicking of a weekend series where I’m sharing simple and easy tips that give you a few minutes to care for yourself.  I know weekends can get just as busy as the week but taking time out of your day for you is always a good thing.  So today’s tip…

Take some time today to pamper yourself.  Whether it’s a face mask, pedicure or manicure, a relaxing bath or even a massage.  Do something for you today that makes you feel totally pampered.


5 Takeaways After Reading A Simplified Life

Did you know today is National Simplicity Day?  If not, you’re not alone.  I just happen to love keeping track of these fun and quirky national holidays.  While most of the ones I pay attention to are all about food, (It’s National Ice Cream day on the 15th!), I wanted to blog about this idea

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Note to Self: Begin

That idea that’s been stirring in your heart, it’s time to begin working on it.  Don’t let all those questions that are filling your head distract you, just start.  Why?  Because you’ve sat on this brilliant idea for far too long.  You’ve been telling yourself that things need to be perfect and they really don’t.

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2018 Word of the Year

For several years, I’ve been choosing a word for the year.  By the end of 2017, I thought I knew what my word was until my heart let me know that not to hold firm on this word because it was going to change.     The new year is the time when everyone is

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Gratitude in Grief

This is definitely going to be the most personal (and maybe longest) post that I’ve shared on the blog.  Since the theme of November was gratitude, I wanted to share how gratitude helped me through the diagnosis and then the passing of my Mom from complications of Alzheimers at the end of 2016.  This blog

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With Gratitude #7

I’m closing out this month of gratitude with one last With Gratitude post.  This one is all about struggles. It’s hard when we’re going through something to see the benefits and/or blessings that could come from it, but even in a struggle something good can come.  As the saying goes, “turn your mess into your

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With Gratitude #6

Happy Thanksgiving to you!  I hope you’re having a wonderful day.  Somewhere in the middle of all the food and pie, share in your gratitude journal what you’re grateful for today or go beyond today and list all the things you’re grateful for so far this year.    

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With Gratitude #5

Today is one of the biggest travel days of the year and as we all hustle through airports or ride in cars to spend time with family and friends, today’s with Gratitude is all about traditions.  I thought this gratitude journal prompt would be perfect for today. What family traditions are you grateful for?  Whether

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