How To Get Started Journaling

The mini journaling blog series is coming to a close with today’s post all about how to get started journaling.  If you’re looking to start journaling for the first time or picking it back up after a break here are some easy intentional tips to get you started.


But first when it comes to the actual journal, you don’t have to have something fancy or outside of your budget.  Just pick something that speaks to you.  Ok now for the tips.

#1 Set your schedule

Yes, when you’re starting to journal, it’s important to set aside time whether in the morning or evening when you will journal.  By making room in your schedule in advance you’re setting the intention.

#2 Start with a time limit

Starting anything new can be daunting.  That can be true with journaling.  Block out 15 to 20 minutes of your day to journal.

#3 Eliminate distractions

Journaling is all about connecting to what’s on your heart and sharing your story on paper.  If we’re distracted it’s hard to focus.  Also when distracted, we’ll rush through this time just to get to the next thing that we need to do or that requires our attention.  

find a space for you to be that doesn’t include any distractions and that way you can journal freely not worried about what’s next.

#4 Don’t worry about Spelling or Grammar

This isn’t an essay getting turned in and graded so don’t worry about whether or not your spelling, grammar or sentence structure makes sense.  If you want to write in one long run on sentence do it there are no rules and when there are no rules you can do whatever you want.

#5 Make it easy on yourself

When you’re starting to journal make it easier on yourself.  Use prompts. We’ve got one you can download here.  If prompts aren’t your thing, some other things you can journal about is as simple as writing about your day, listing gratitude or a list of good things that happened that day.

Journaling is a great way to connect with yourself and to use that time to think about things on your heart, write down special moments or just listing gratitude.  Whatever it is you choose to do, I hope these tips help you to get started.


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