Fave Podcast Worth A Listen

Do you listen to podcast?  I love them and have a long list of podcast I listen to for fun, to learn something new, for business tips and personal growth.

Recently, I’ve been on a business and personal growth kick and while I have a stack of books I’m planning to read, another way to learn and grow is with podcast so I’m sharing a list of my current  favorites with you that I think are worth a listen.

Fave Podcast Worth a Listen

#1 How I Built This

I’m fascinated with how things are created.  I love behind the scene details and this podcast is so enjoyable.  A variety of businesses are featured and the stories of how some the most well know brands built their business will leave you inspired.

#2 Second Life

I just started listening to this podcast and love it.  It’s similar to How I Built This but focused on women in business.  This podcast is one that as a women business owner keeps me inspired and motivated to keep going even when I feel like giving up.

#3 Rise Podcast

I didn’t know about Rachel Hollis and stumbled upon her instagram feed and then checked out her podcast and I’m hooked.  The podcast is inspirational, motivational and the kind of  straight no chaser advice a dreamer and doer would love to hear.

#4 Living Over Existing

I’ve know about Alisha Nicole and the coaching that she did, but it was about a few months ago that I checked out the podcast.  This podcast is another podcast focused on women in business but also offers helpful insights and information that is great if you’re looking to learn new things and grow.

#5 Goal Digger Podcast

While I’m sure you may be familiar with this podcast hosted by Jenna Kutcher, the information shared on this podcast is so rich and in depth that if you’re thinking of starting a business or currently running a business, there is so much information you can get from this podcast that will definitely cut down on your google searches.

I have a few other podcast that didn’t make my Top 5 and have some honorable mentions and a few on my list to check out below.

Honerable Mention

Planning Check Out:

Clearly, I listen to a lot of podcast so if you’re wondering how to list to a bunch of podcast,  I’m sharing my Top 3 tips on how  I am able to do it  without feeling overwhelmed.

#1 Subscribe to your faves, Select the rest

Even though I listen to a lot of podcast I only have a handful that I subscribe to.  Everything else I listen to based on episodes that speak to me and the information I’m looking for at the time.

#2 Pace Yourself

If you have a long list of podcast to listen be sure to pace yourself.  This is a marathon not a sprint.  While we live in such a “binge watch” culture, it’s easy to want to steam a podcast for the entire day.  Having tried to do this once, that’s what inspired tip #3. 

#3 Give yourself a break

There’s a point when you’re brain gets overloaded from all the stories, information, tips and tricks that you’re taking in.  Giving yourself breaks will make consuming podcast a little easier.

Whether you’re in search of some new podcast to add to your list or you’re new to this podcast thing, I hope that the mix of podcast on this list, that you will see something you would like to check out and enjoy while being inspired.