Gratitude Challenge: Start a Gratitude Jar

This weeks Gratitude Challenge is one that anyone can do but I think it’s a lot of fun when you do this with Kids and that is to create a Gratitude Jar.  There is plenty of information all over social media about this fun way to not only capture things you’re grateful for it’s also a great way to share your gratitude too.  If you’re not sure how it works I’ve detailed the instructions below.

Step One:  Set a time limit.  With a Gratitude Jar, you can capture your gratitude for a month, three months or even a year.  Pick a timeframe that will work best for you.  

Step Two: Find a Big Jar.  This can be a large mason jar or even a storage container you find at the container store like all of these

Step Three: Decorate your Jar.  This is the fun part!  Take the time to decorate your jar you can paint, sticker or write with markers on your jar to style it up and make it your own.  This is a fun activity to do if you have kids.

Step Four: Create small cards or strips of paper and find a pen.  Create small cards that you can fold or strips of paper.  Think about making the paper multi-colored to add a little variation and fun.  Also grab a cup with pens to keep near the jar.

Step Five: Start writing down your gratitude.  Take a moment each day to write down something you’re grateful for and drop it in the jar.

Bonus Tips

Depending on the timeframe you choose,  there are a multiple ways to use your gratitude jar once you’ve started.  If you are doing a Gratitude Jar for a month, then at the end of that month, pick a time to go through and review all the things that you shared your were grateful for.  If you’ve decided to go a full year then you can wait until at the end of the year to review all of the cards. 

The other option is to randomly look through your jar week to week reading on or two things that have been shared.  This is great on hard or bad days when you could use a little good news.

In the end, the Gratitude Jar is all about what works best for you and is a great way to capture all the things you’re grateful for.  Let me know in the comments if you’ve done a gratitude jar before or if you’re thinking of starting one.  

Have a great day!