Gratitude Challenge: Start a Gratitude Journal

Do you keep a gratitude journal?  I’ve kept a gratitude journal for over a year and it’s been one of the best things I’ve done. But I have to be honest, it wasn’t always like this.  I was one of those people who did the occasional gratitude challenge but it wasn’t routine.  At all.
As someone who wasn’t always keeping a gratitude journal (and I love to journal), I wanted to share a few benefits to keeping a gratitude journal and also some easy ways to get started if you’re ready to start your own gratitude practice.
Once I started a daily routine of gratitude here’s a few things that happened:
  • I became a far happier person.  
  • If I received bad news or had something happen in my home (hello hot water heater leak and replacement).  I would immediately express gratitude despite what was going wrong around me.  
  • I celebrated the small stuff
  • cherished time with my family and friends even more
One of the best things about Gratitude journaling is I was able to capture some great moments and memories.  It’s amazing that when you practice an attitude of gratitude how more wonderful things just come and I think it’s truly because my perspective changed.
But one thing about Gratitude is while I’ve tried to keep a journal a few times before, the one thing that got me focused to start a routine, is just really starting on my own terms and not following a set format and figuring out what works for me.  If that’s you or if you’re looking to change things up, here are a few ways to journal gratitude.

Write it down. 

Classic and old fashioned yes, but taking a few minutes each day to write down what you’re grateful for is an easy way to get started.  You can choose to just write down 3 things you’re grateful for or make a list that fills the page.  Do you boo! (If you’re looking for a journal, check out these lovely ones from the shop to get you started.)
Another great way to document daily gratitude is to save space in your planner and write down one thing you’re grateful for.

Go Digital.

Whether you choose an app or use your notes app.  Use either of these to capture 1 to 3 things that your grateful for each day. 

Say it Out Loud.

Share out loud the things your grateful for.  Whether its as you get ready in the morning on your way to work or before you go to bed at night, share what you’re grateful for loud and proud.  
In addition to choosing the best gratitude journaling option for you, the next thing to do is to set a time. Whether you take a few minutes in the morning or evening, choose a time that works best for you. 
Finally, dedicate to doing this every day.  Now don’t beat yourself up if you miss a day or two just keep going.  To get myself into the routine of gratitude journaling, I created my own challenge to journal everyday for 21 days.  While I did miss a day or two over that time, once the 21 days were up, I was already hooked and looked forward to gratitude journaling.
If you’re thinking about starting a gratitude journal, set a routine and do what works best for you.  If you have a great way that you keep a gratitude journal share in the comments, I would love to know.
Have a great day!