Happy National Coloring Book Day!

Scratch Paper Studio loves celebrating all the fun national holidays and today happens to be Coloring Book Day.  I know adult coloring books have become pretty popular and seem pretty trendy now with so many books and even apps dedicated to coloring.  While this may seem like a fad, I hope that the adult coloring book trend doesn’t go anywhere quiet yet because I love it!  

Coloring is known to be a calming and relaxing activity and one that I highly recommend.  Coloring is one of the things I love to do when I have free time or if I’m stressed or anxious it truly calms me down. All I need is a coloring book, my colored pencils, and a cup of tea in one of my favorite SPS mugs and it’s the kind of down time I love when I need peace and quiet.  

If you’re looking for something to do on days when you want to lower your stress levels, reduce anxiety or for a fun quiet time activity, think about starting to color.  If you’re looking for suggestions of books to get,  I’ve rounded up a few coloring books I have on my wish list.


#1 Sweeter Than Honey

As a fan of Lindsay Letters beautiful lettering, this sweet coloring book is simply beautiful.  Once you’ve created a coloring masterpiece, you can then hang these up in your home for continued inspiration.

Coloring Book Day-Sweeter than Honey


#2 & #3 Splendid Cities and Secret New York

I love these coloring books that are full of whimsy and beautifully illustrated.  I gifted my niece with the Secret Paris coloring book before a school trip to Paris to get her excited for her travels a couple of years ago and fell in love with this series of coloring books.

Coloring Book Day-Splendid Cities

Coloring Book Day-Secret New York


#4 The Inspired Room

I just recently discovered this book on Amazon and love the patterns, pretty room illustrations and home decor in this book.  If you love of home interiors or design, this book is perfect for you or the friend who loves all this interior design.  

Coloring Book Day-The Inspired Room


#5 Create Magic- A Coloring Book by Katie Daisy

This fun & whimsical book full of beautiful blooms and inspirational words and beautiful designs is a great way to channel your inner artiste and make these illustrations all your own.

Coloring Book Day-Create Magic


That’s my round up of coloring books.  I hope you’ve found one for yourself or can gift to one of your friends or family members.  

PS. It’s also National Ice Cream Sandwich Day.  

Why not celebrate and beat the Summer heat too!