Note to Self: Begin

That idea that’s been stirring in your heart, it’s time to begin working on it.  Don’t let all those questions that are filling your head distract you, just start.  Why?  Because you’ve sat on this brilliant idea for far too long.  You’ve been telling yourself that things need to be perfect and they really don’t.  That’s just fear trying to get you to run back to your comfort zone so ignore that feeling. You can do this. Take it one step at a time. Everything you need to make this idea happen it’s already within you so begin. Feel that fear and press forward.  Don’t try to solve every problem or focus on every single detail, the answers will come to you just start working on what you can right now and when you need help it will come.  When you need inspiration, you will find it.  Everything you need to make this lovely idea a reality will find its way to you but first you have to begin.  


*This is a new series I’m starting that will post once a month.  It’s inspired from little pep talks and notes I’d journal to myself and I’m sharing in the hopes that both of us.