Splendid Find: Facial Steams

Happy Monday, I hope you had a wonderful weekend and celebrated Mom and all the mom figures in your life.  After a busy couple of weeks including battling a cold that I’m finally back blogging and have a new Splendid Find to share this week all about facial steams.  

One thing I’m currently interested in are face mask especially those sheet face mask.  But have been curious about those facial steams and teas recently.  I collected a round up of a few shops with facial teas I’d like to try.

My Lily Earth– Herbal Facial Steam

Splendid Find-Facial Steams-My Lily Earth


Boheamian Collection 2- Soothing Chamomile Calendula, Lavender Herbal Steam

Splendid Find-Facial Steams-Bohemian Collection2

Palermo Body-Botanical Facial Steam

Splendid Find-Facial Steams-Palermo Body


Splendid Find-Facial Steams-Urbapothecary


If you’re looking to try something new or change up your beauty routine, check out some of these makers creating cool bath and body products along with skin soothing facial steams.