SPS Shop Product Feature: Affirmation Mug Collection

I wanted to share a bit more on the inspiration behind the new Affirmation Mug Collection in the shop.  These mugs were created from my love of inspirational quotes and affirmations.  I envisioned that if you’re chasing your dreams like me, some days you need a little inspiration.  

SPS SHOP-Mug-AffirmationInspiration

One of the things that is always on my desk is a coffee mug.  Whether it’s full of pens and pencils or my favorite chai tea, I envisioned that this mug would be the perfect way to jump start your day. Spark some new ideas when your in a creative rut. Keep you going after working at your full time job and now spending the evening burning a midnight oil on your dream. Whatever it is that fuels you everyday, my hope is that these mugs full of sweet affirmations would inspire you right where you are to keep chasing after that dream that resides in your heart.

SPS Shop-Mug-AffirmationHappy2

Each mug in this collection has a theme.  The first two are Inspiration and Happy.  I have two more mugs in the works that I plan to release in the coming months.  Both of these mugs are filled with affirmations and phrases that will inspire you when you need it.   These mugs are the perfect desk accessory and make great gift for you and to share with your friends who are also chasing their dreams.  Head on over to the shop and check out these mugs and add these mugs to your collection.