In the Studio – New Collections and More Coming Soon!

I like to check in and give you an update on what’s happening here In The Studio.  There’s a lot that I’ve been working on and planning to add to the shop so I thought I’d break it down.  


When I started Scratch Paper Studio I had a collection of personalized stationery but over the years, moved away from having a personalized stationery collection.  In all honesty I missed having a personalized collection.  While I did plenty of custom personalized stationery projects, I wanted to create a new collection and add it back to the shop.  



One thing I haven’t shared too much on the site is the custom design work that I do.  Well, that is changing.  I’m working on adding Custom Designs to Scratch Paper Studio.  What I will offer is more of what I currently do, party invitations, wedding invitations, personalized stationery some branding for business and whatever else you can dream up.  Right now, nothing is ready yet I’m still working out the details on pricing and all of the offerings.  As I get closer to launching this design service I’ll definitely share more. 



I keep a sketch book of designs and ideas.  It has post it notes and scratch pieces of paper  (pun intended) of ideas that come to me. What I’m doing with those ideas is testing to see which ones are feasible to create and what I should let go or save for later.  

That’s it, that’s what happening in the studio.  If you want to get more updates and a few sneak peeks, sign up for the newsletter to stay updated (plus I’m offering some sweet promos for when the personalized collection and custom design services launch!)

Have a great day!