Thursday Type: Font Bundles are Blessings

Can we talk about Font Bundles? I think they are the greatest thing EVER. As a font obsessed person who mask my love of fonts behind “design”, I think a font bundle is trulya design blessing. I LOVE them, I have purchased plenty of them and have found it to be a great way to grow my font library in an easy and inexpensive way. But as a designer who has purchased plenty of great font bundles I’ve also purchased some that weren’t so great and I’m sharing 5 tips to help you shop for the right font bundles for you.

#1 Let your style guide you

When it comes to fonts, go for the style of fonts that appeal to you. Plenty of fonts bundles mix up a variety of styles. If the bundle is full of fonts outside of your style, skip it.

Thursday Type-Font Bundles-Massive Bundle

[massive font bundle can be found here]

#2 Know what you need

This is a hard learned lesson on my part. If you love fonts like I do, it’s easy to see a bundle and feel excited over the bounty of beautiful fonts you can get for a steal but before you press purchase ask yourself, “Do I really need the fonts in this bundle? ”

Here’s the deal, while font bundles are great, think about what you need and how you will use these fonts. Whether it’s for design, crafts, scrapbooking or anything else you dream up, having an idea of the type of fonts you truly need will stop you from buying a bundle filled with a bunch of lovely fonts you rarely use.

#3 Set a number

When I see any font bundle I’m thinking of buying, I look at the bundle and set a number of fonts I need to know I’d use before purchasing. This number ranges based on the bundle. But if I don’t hit the number I’ve set in my head, I don’t buy the bundle.

This is one tip I started doing after buying a few bundles that had plenty of great fonts but just weren’t beneficial to what I needed.

Thursday Type-Font Bundles-Huge Font Bundle

[ Find the Huge Font bundle here]

#4 Look at the cost & savings

A bundle with 20 or more fonts for next to nothing is a steal, but will you really be saving? When I look at font bundles beyond using the above steps to determine whether I’ll buy the bundle or not, I also ask myself is it cost effective.

A font bundle with 5 awesome fonts that I know I use on various projects at a higher price point may be more beneficial than an a big bundle with over 20 fonts for next to nothing and only use a few fonts. That 20 font bundle may be cheaper, but ask yourself are you really saving and getting a good deal.

Thursday Type-Font Bundles-Wedding Bundle

[Find this Wedding Collection Font Bundle here]

#5 Sleep on it
Yep, I don’t buy font bundles immediately. I give myself a day or two to think about whether to purchase the bundle or not. Some font bundles are full with so many great fonts that you know you will make the purchase but sometimes giving yourself a day or two to think about it may prevent you from buying a bundle you may not need.

I hope these tips all created from my own hard learned lessons will help you as you look at purchasing your own font bundles. While it may seem like fonts and font bundles are just for Designers that’s just not the case. There are so many great ways to use fonts beyond design software so if you craft, scrapbook or design for yourself and your friends and family, take a look at font bundles, it may be the best way to get a bunch of fonts you can use on a variety of projects.