Thursday Type : Lulo Clean

As a designer, I have a list of  my go to fonts that I use all the time no matter what I’m designing.   Whether it’s a party invitations, social stationery or custom work, this handful of fonts are my favorite fonts because they are versatile, classic and play well with any other font I use in anything I design.  

One of these favorites is Lulo Clean.  I’ve used it in my own visual branding and love using this font on invitations, greeting cards and pretty much any other design.  

Thursday Type-Lulo Clean

The main reason Lulo Clean is such a great font is because it has stackable layers.  While each font weight looks great on its own, all of these fonts can be put together to create different looks and styles that easily change up a design.

Thursday Type-Lulo Clean

This font is one of those fonts that as a designer is great to have in your font library, but even if you’re not a designer, this is a font that is perfect to use for fun projects around your home from crafting to DIY projects.