Thursday Type: Favorites to Follow

When you love fonts and lettering,  you of course follow plenty of awesome people who either create fonts, do lettering or both.  Well, today on Thursday Type, I’m sharing a few of my favorite lettering people to follow.  I should say over the course of this blog series I’ll be sharing a few of my favorites.  But let’s kick it off with the first letterer Kiley in Kentucky.


#1 Kiley in Kentucky is new to me.  I discovered this awesome letterer via Pinterest and promptly followed her on Instagram.  What pulled me in was her 50 ways to letter series.  One of my goals is to practice lettering more and perfect my skill and the 50 ways to letter series is perfect.  You can print off all the sheets or screenshot and upload them to your iPad Pro.  Either way you choose, this is a fun way to learn more about lettering and practicing the letters of the alphabet in a variety of ways.  



Amanda Arneill’s lettering is GORGEOUS! I’m in awe of what she does and and seeing her work and watching her videos is truly inspiring and makes me want to practice more on lettering.  Whether you’re obsessed with lettering like me or not, Amanda Arneill’s instagram feed is beautiful, inspiring and fun.  If you’re interested in learning more about lettering click on over to Amanda’s site to check out her latest courses.  



Lauren Essl is a calligrapher I discovered through Instagram.  I was learning calligraphy at the time and trying to find the right nibs to use as I continued learning and practicing and discovered Lauren’s beautiful calligraphy.   If you’re interested in learning more about calligraphy head on over to this instagram feed and enjoy a mix of life, classes she teaches and video snippets of her in action.   If you’re interested in learning about calligraphy you can check out her class in person or online.



One of the first books on lettering I bought was this one by Mary Kate McDevitt.  Mary Kate McDevitt’s work is amazing.  Her lettering is not just about the text but turns letters into beautiful works of art with illustrations and adding dimension to the letters.   If you’re interested learning more about lettering from beginner on up, check out Mary Kate McDevitt’s skillshare classes.  

Whether you’re letter obsessed and looking for new inspiration and people to follow or you’re just interested in discovering new creative people to follow on Instagram, I hope you find some inspiration from a few of my faves to follow.