When Life Get Off Balance

After Tuesday’s blog post on Balance, I was thinking about the blog post and also more about balance.  This time I was thinking so what do we do when our lives get off balance.  I mean, we’ve all been there and besides the obvious signs of exhaustion or overwhelm when life gets off balance,  what small and easy ways can we change course before loosing our balance completely.  Here are three easy tips that I frequently use the moment my life feels like it’s getting off balance. 

When Things Get Off Balance



Whenever things in my life get busy, the things that are good for me go out the window.  My workouts are sporadic, I act like everyday is a “treat yo’ self ” day cause well, I’m busy with work and I deserve it (read: emotional/stress eating) and my sleep gets all jacked up.  If any of that feels familiar to you don’t worry I’m right here with you and when I find myself at this point, I know I need to slow down.  I’ve clearly said yes to WAY too many things and that leads to tip #2.






When Things Get Off Balance




Review your schedule and all the commitments that you made.  The one thing that can easily cause us to loose balance is thinking we’re superwoman (well OK we are but not when our lives are off balance) and can handle it all but reality check,  we can’t.  Being over scheduled results in being overworked and definitely overwhelmed and that isn’t good.  We can’t be our best for ourselves or anyone else in our lives if we’re trying to do everything.  This is why Tip #3 matters the most.






When Things Get Off Balance 




As I’ve seen on the inter webs countless times,  saying No allows us to say YES to what’s best.  When we say yes to everything, we’re really not giving ourselves the chance to shine.  When reviewing your calendar, make room in your day for you and the people and things that matter to you first and then let everything else get scheduled around that.  Saying No will not be the end of the world, people will continue to live their lives just fine.






When life gets off balance sometimes small intentional changes can go a long way.  Whenever I feel myself getting off balance that’s when I use these tips so that one part of my life doesn’t takeover all the other parts.  I hope if you’re looking for some ways to get things back in balance that these tips help.